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North Branford Summer Camp Field Trip Policy
Please be advised that when campers are scheduled to attend field trips, the following guidelines must be followed:

1. Campers must be on time for camp. Counselors often review expectations and assign seating and groups to campers prior to departure. It is imperative that campers are given the opportunity to be part of this group conversation and understand expectations.

2. Buses departing for field trips will not be held for campers. Almost all field trips are scheduled within a strict timeline. Buses will leave the TVES at their scheduled time and will not be held for campers.

3. Campers cannot be dropped off at or picked up from any field trip. In order to ensure the safety of all campers and to allow counselors the opportunity to maintain accurate accounting of campers in groups, we will not allow parents or guardians to bring or pick up a camper off-site. Please keep this in mind when selecting camps for your child to avoid conflicts with other engagements your child may have.

4. Camp t-shirts must be worn on large-group field trip days. In the event that a large group or the entire camp is traveling on a field trip, it is required that campers wear their current summer camp T-shirt. This assists counselors with keeping track of campers when traveling to a large facility. One T-shirt is provided to each camper free of charge for this purpose. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase throughout the summer. In the event that a camper comes to camp without their 2016 camp T-shirt for one of the large group or whole camp field trips, a T-shirt will be provided and $10 will be charged to the campers account. Notification will be provided when it is mandatory to wear the camp shirt.

5. Campers are strongly discouraged from bringing electronic devices, phones and money on field trips. We are not be responsible for lost or stolen personal items. In some cases, secure lockers are provided at destinations but when they are not provided items will be left on the bus or will be taken with the camper and they will have to carry their items during the trip.